Ryan Reynolds pulled a Wade Wilson responding to sweet Hugh Jackman tweet


Ryan Reynolds just can’t help himself. Meaning that no matter what, he’s seemingly always Wade Wilson. Especially to Hugh Jackman.

When it comes to Hollywood love, Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra have lasted much longer than Ryan Reynolds could have imagined. Hugh posted a touching tribute to his wife on Twitter, sharing their love and wishing her a happy anniversary.

But of course, Reynolds chimed in his usual, funny Twitter way. He tweeted in response that he gave their relationship three months, tops. Talk about a good friend.

When you think about it, it’s a very Wade Wilson move (the character he plays in Deadpool).

Really, the story is quite sweet. With so many of our favorite celebrities ending their relationships, to see Jackman and his wife remaining strong shows us that there is a way to make it work in Hollywood — even if Ryan Reynolds didn’t believe it would last.

The tweet response does have fans wishing we could have seen Wade and Logan actually interact with each other. They’re part of the same universe, but Deadpool did not include a disgruntled Logan.

We’re just glad that Ryan’s initial three-month prediction was wrong. Hugh and Deborra are an amazing couple who seem to live their lives peacefully away from the lens of Hollywood. They emerge for promotions or award shows, and that’s it.

The two seem to just be open and loving with one another and share the kind of affection that we don’t typically see in Hollywood.

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Maybe that’s the key to it all. Or maybe their love is just one we all aspire to have. Whatever the case may be, let’s all agree to never to relationship advice from Ryan Reynolds ever again.