RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 episode 6 live stream: Watch online


The remaining queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race have to create their own Drag Con panels. But will this be a bigger challenge for the queens who don’t talk enough, or the ones who talk too much?

RuPaul is the master of product placement. Every season, episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race have been filled with the many products RuPaul has put his name on, from chocolate bars to perfumes. Each season even has a challenge where the queens have to do a music video for one of the songs from Ru’s latest album.

So in short, Ru knows how to sell a product, and now he wants to know if his girls can too. And what better way than by plugging his own event, RuPaul’s Drag Con?

For those who don’t know, RuPaul’s Drag Con is a convention where drag queens, artists, makeup companies and fans alike can come and celebrate all things drag. Ru started the convention four years ago in Los Angeles, and recently launched RuPaul’s Drag Con New York, as well.

For this week’s maxi challenge, the remaining nine queens have to make their own groups of three. Each team has to create their own Drag Con panel on either clothes, body or wigs. They have to prepare a panel discussion, a demo for whatever they’re presenting, and they’ll prepare to answer questions from a live audience.

Last week’s Bossy Rossy challenge showed the judges who was good at thinking on their toes, and if they’re going to be taking questions in front of a live studio audience this week, hopefully those skills come in handy. Eureka was the challenge winner, but she’s known to talk a bit too much, so that might be an issue for a challenge that revolves around talking.

Speaking of talking, Kameron Michaels is constantly being labeled “the quiet one,” but she also killed it in last week’s talk show challenge. She may not be a big talker, but she can be funny at the drop of a dime. Will her and Eureka balance each other out, or will Kameron get lost in the background?

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