Westworld season 2 premiere live stream: Watch online


HBO’s hit, Westworld, returns tonight and promises a lot more twists and turns. So, here are all the details you need to watch Westworld online or on TV.

After a long wait (and to help us forget that Game of Thrones won’t return for its final season until next year), Westworld is finally back for season 2.

For some, the first season’s premiere was a wild roller coaster that ended with the realization that we were watching two timelines unfold, and the androids hosts’ awakening as they finally reached the maze.

Now that they know what’s up, no one is safe — especially since it’s hard to tell whether Dolores herself is a hero or villain at this point. Like, is anyone who goes to the park a target? How does she choose?

These are the sorts of nuanced questions we hope will be answered this season.

While the synopsis for “Journey into Night” says very little, let’s check out what TV Guide did tell us:

"The puppet show is over in the Season 2 premiere, and the future of humanity is at stake."

Basically, Dolores’ thirst for vengeance won’t end with just the people who were at the park. Likewise, William/The Man in Black won’t be satisfied just because he fought a few of the hosts. So, expect plenty more bloodshed in tonight’s episode and moving forward.

Other things we can expect: an episode in Shogun world, hints at other parks, and plenty of twists!

So, if you’re ready for the big premiere tonight, check out all the details for the Westworld live stream below:

"Date: Sunday, April 22Start time: 9:00 p.m. ETEpisode: “Journey into Night”TV channel: HBOLive stream: Watch live online | HBOGo or HBO Now with a subscription"

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