Supergirl season 3 episode 14 live stream: Watch online


After an extended hiatus, Supergirl returns with a new episode focusing on Winn. Here is how you can watch “Schott Through the Heart.”

More than two months have passed since Supergirl aired a new episode. Thanks to The CW’s unorthodox scheduling, the show took a break in February while Legends of Tomorrow wrapped up its third season.

But now, finally, Kara and friends are back. Can Supergirl recover its momentum?

Here is the official plot synopsis for tonight’s episode, punnily titled “Schott Through the Heart” (via The CW):

"When Winn’s (Jeremy Jordan) father dies, his estranged mother, Mary (guest star Laurie Metcalf), reappears trying to reconnect and to explain why she abandoned him all those years ago. Winn is too embittered from his rough childhood to forgive her but when a copycat Toyman attacks, the two must work together to stop him. Mon-El (Chris Wood) tells Kara (Melissa Benoist) something important about the Worldkillers, and Alex (Chyler Leigh) becomes suspicious of Myr’nn’s (guest star Carl Lumbly) recent behavior."

The most recent episode, “Both Sides Now”, concluded with a major cliffhanger, as Lena briefly witnessed Sam transform into Reign. So, the decision to follow that up with a Winn-centric hour is interesting to say the least.

Winslow Schott Sr.’s last and only appearance on Supergirl came way back in season 1, during the episode “Childish Things.” Imprisoned for attempted murder, the so-called Toyman managed to escape and reunite with his son before the authorities caught him again. Otherwise, Winn’s past has gone unexplored, aside from occasional references.

Why bring it up now, then? If nothing else, it allows the show to ease viewers back in instead of dropping us right in the middle of the Worldkiller plot. And honestly, who needs a reason when you have Oscar-nominated actress Laurie Metcalf?

"Date: Monday, April 16Start time: 8 p.m. ESTEpisode: “Schott Through the Heart”TV Channel: The CWLive Stream:  Stream 1 | Stream 2"

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