Here are 10 of the funniest ‘If you don’t love me’ memes on Twitter


The internet is flipping a famous Marilyn Monroe quote to make it one of the best Twitter memes of the month. No person or character is safe.

In meme news this week, the internet is taking the words of Marilyn Monroe to heart: “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” Sounds sweet, no?

Well of course, when the internet gets its hands on something, they meme it to the max. And thus, the “If you don’t love me at my X, then you don’t deserve me at my Y” meme was born. The quote has been spreading around the internet for some time, especially on dating sites and eventually other sites like Pinterest and Instagram. But the quote really took off in its own unique fashion via Twitter within the last week.

Since we shamelessly have a fine appreciation for internet memes, we rounded up 10 of the funniest “If you don’t love me memes” on Twitter.

1. Ryan Reynolds getting his hero glow up

2. Jon Snow being an actual zombie

3. Steve Rogers transforming into a super bae

4. Michael B. Jordan getting his Marvel redemption

5. Hercules beefing up

6. Princess Leia being an actual sleeping beauty

7. Just Kanye being Kanye

8. Zuko showing off

9. Mr. Krabs showing his goods

10. Iron Man upgrading it to the Nth degree

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What would the internet do without its memes? It just goes to show if you don’t love the internet on its slowest days, then you don’t deserve it on its funniest.