Watch (if you dare) this video of kids failing at the Shrine of the Silver Monkey


Why was the Shrine of the Silver Monkey so hard? Then again, if you didn’t want to try it out yourself, you’re not a ’90s kid.

The Shrine of the Silver Monkey seemed like the most difficult challenge to those of us who grew up in the ’90s. Thanks to Everything is Terrible, we now have a compilation video of kids attempting it, reminding us why Legends of the Hidden Temple was both entertainment and torture.

Growing up, we all knew what team we’d be on and even our strategy. The problem is that many of us haven’t revisited the show since the ’90s. Looking back, the show was definitely a fun obstacle course for kids. But that Shrine of the Silver Monkey was literally the worst.

The video montage shows contestant after contestant trying to assemble that stupid monkey. Seriously, it was just made of three parts and should have fit together like a puzzle. The length of time that kids have in there is baffling.  One kid couldn’t put it together and he had a minute and a half to do it. Something was up with that monkey, if you ask us.

Sure, it isn’t nice to laugh at kids trying to complete the challenge. But when you think of it, they’re all in their 20s and 30s now. We just hope for those who lost the challenge, they’re over it and doing great things now. As for us, we can have a good laugh and remember the days when we all would watch Legend of the Hidden Temple and want to win.

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If we’re going to keep rebooting shows, how about we reboot Legends of the Hidden Temple? And better yet, let the ’90s kids who grew up with it be contestants. More like let me do it and finally be a Purple Parrot. It’s all I’ve wanted in life.