Jennifer Garner’s pet chicken Regina George passed away, and we’re mourning with her


Jennifer Garner’s pet chicken, Regina George, was a delight to follow on Instagram. Sadly, Regina passed away and we are devastated for the actress.

Back in November, Jennifer Garner introduced her Instagram followers to her amazing pet chicken, Regina George. Just like Rachel McAdams’ Mean Girls character of the same name, Garner’s chicken walked with sass and knew she was amazing (because she was)!

In Regina George’s debut on Instagram, we saw Garner walking the adorable chicken with a huge smile on her face.

“If there isn’t a Chicken Lady Day 🐣, there really should be,” Garner captioned the photo. “Man, my life gets more exciting all the time. Meet one of our ladies, 🐔Regina George. Regina loves long walks, dehydrated bugs, and kale. Regina hates….carbs. #shesanicechickenbutaMeanGirl #MeanGirlsthemovie #ithinkshehasaburnbook #cluckcluck.”

While we all enjoyed waiting for the next post of Regina George living her best life, we have some sad news. Unfortunately, Regina George recently passed away due to natural causes and we couldn’t miss her more. As an acknowledgment of her passing, Garner posted a video of all the amazing times they had together.

She captioned the video, “Please enjoy this tribute to Chicken Regina George who passed away from natural causes. 🐔💔 #shewasourfavorite #RIP #shelivedagoodlife.”

In the video, we see a happy Jennifer Garner reading the newspaper with Regina as well as Regina playing with other chickens. In the end, it shows her gravestone that has her name as well as her birthday and date of passing.

Everyone is pouring their hearts out online to show their love for Regina George as well as the Garner family. One commenter wrote, “Sorry for your loss. It’s always so sad to loose our pets. RIP Regina.”

Another commenter said, “RIP Regina! I too have a chicken named Regina George!!! My girl just turned 3 over the weekend and is a Black Australorp.”

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RIP Regina George. We hope you had a great life and we’ll remember all the good times you had with Jen.