50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Selina Kyle

I mean any girl who can truly steal Bruce Wayne’s heart must be important, right? Well, Selina Kyle is one who steals not just precious jewels. Catwoman is one of the more complex “villains” in comic book history. Granted, most villains these days are complex beings that make us question ourselves, but Selina is a whole different thing.

Take her portrayal in The Dark Knight Rises, for instance. She goes from being a literal cat burglar to this well thought out character who tries her hardest to help herself but also those less fortunate. There are versions of Selina who are more catlike, but the version that Anne Hathaway portrays is truly a spectacular character.

Then again, Selina Kyle is just fascinating no matter what way you spin her. Whether it is through her crimes or with her relationship with Bruce, she always seems to surprise people, which is a testament to the Batman creators and writers. His villains are very nuanced beings who are forever evolving, especially the women.

That’s why Selina has remained a tried and trued favorite of the Batman series. Just go to any comic con and you can see a sea of Catwoman cosplayers taking to the floor. She is a force to be reckoned with.