50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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From Leia to Padmé to even Jyn Erso, Star Wars has its fair share of powerful women. But there is something different when it comes to Rey. With The Last Jedi, we learned a little bit more about her, but still, a lot of her character is a mystery to us all.

Seeing Rey on screen though is a pretty amazing thing. She is strong, she is just naturally gifted, and she’s maybe the most powerful Jedi we’ve seen yet. Through training with Luke on that island and her open relationship with the Force, Rey seems to be the one who is meant to be the balance after all.

The thing is, Star Wars has always been at the forefront of changing the narrative for female characters. Rey though shifts from Leia (and even Padmé) being objects of desire for fanboys to pretty much being in rags and alwasy training.

She’s the Luke Skywalker of this new serie,s and she’s bringing a different feel to how we view our heroes. For the first time, little girls can dress like Rey and not have to be in a white dress with a weird hairdo. They can be a Jedi and fight just as well as Luke Skywalker.