50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Clara Oswald

The Doctor’s companion is typically a hot girl. We can’t deny that fact, but the idea that Clara Oswald saves the Doctor is still an amazing thing. For so many years, the Doctor saved everyone. Yes, he was touched by the humans he brought along, but this was different.

Clara willingly ripped herself apart time and time again to save the Doctor throughout all of his regenerations. It was fun for girls to see because yes, she was still in mini-skirts and heels, but she was still a fully formed being with ideas, interests and a life that we didn’t know that much about.

Clara Oswin Oswald was an English teacher turned companion who always made the Doctor take her back to make sure she could do what was necessary for her job. That made her different from those before her who, really, didn’t have many responsibilities other than traveling with the Time Lord.

She was the first companion who really loved the adventure but also recognized that she couldn’t just give up her life for the Doctor without a second thought, and that’s what makes her so important. She’s not just eye candy. Clara is an actual person we can look up to.