50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Poison Ivy

When you say Poison Ivy, you probably think about the plant, but I’m talking about the doctor who likes to infect her victims. Pamela Isley is best known due to Uma Thurman, who brought the iconic villain to life in Batman and Robin back in the ’90s.

There is something so sensual yet appealing about Poison Ivy that makes girls everywhere want to bring her to life Halloween after Halloween. It’s not that she’s necessarily sexy, but rather that she is just one of those characters that we all recognize and feel comfortable portraying.

That’s an important aspect of nerd culture that isn’t talked about nearly enough. When we are nerds, we often (as women) are portrayed as these characters who ooze sex appeal and wear skimpy clothes. With Poison Ivy, you can represent your favorite character and be completely covered while still representing her.

It may seem silly but that’s an important aspect of being a fan. So often we want to dress like our favorites, but their outfits are so scandalous that we might not feel comfortable. The cool thing about Poison Ivy is that there is a way to do her costume without sacrificing your beliefs and your own comfort in the process.