50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Rebecca Bunch

Much like everything on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, topics are touched on that aren’t necessarily talked about in movies and television. What’s cool about Rebecca Bunch is that she’s a musical theatre nerd as well as just a general geek.

Rebecca, who spends a lot of her time talking about boys, has moments when she shows this dorky side that brings joy to those of us who relate. Even when it isn’t Rebecca herself but rather Rachel Bloom (the star and creator) bringing in a Broadway legend as a random character, it still makes us theatre nerds feel seen.

So often, we’re just limited to other theatre nerds or going to New York to feel connected to the Broadway community. But with a show like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, we get to see musicals brought to life before our eyes, and we also have some of our favorites on screen before us, like when Patti LuPone was in an episode.

Rebecca Bunch is one of those characters that does some pretty out there things, but there are still moments when we can relate to her. It is just nice to have a show that seems to embrace theatre and the absurdity of a lot of it without making fun.