50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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If you watch The Walking Dead, you definitely want to be like Michonne. There are a lot of amazing women on the show, all striving to survive throughout the apocalypse, but Michonne really stands out. The first time we see her, she is a katana-toting badass who only joins our crew after some time.

Again, The Walking Dead is pretty known for having women that fans end up loving more than anyone else. From Carol to Maggie to even Andrea, the show is written beautifully for its female leads. However, Michonne is one of the few who comes into the show completely formed and already able to protect herself.

For once, someone doesn’t have to teach her how to fight off the zombies. She does it on her own and becomes an asset to the team. Basically Michonne doesn’t have to be taught how to survive. There’s nothing wrong with those women who do, but she comes ready to fight for her life. There’s just something so unique about that.

So often, we have to watch girls learn how to fight and survive. Michonne coming in already wielding her katana and ready to hack off some zombie heads is pretty cool.