50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Moana is a great movie not only because of the music, but Moana herself is also a great role model for children. Many of the princesses we’ve come to love end up searching for a man to make their lives better.

It’s true that Moana is searching for a man to help her. However, he is the demigod Maui, and she only wants to find him because he took the heart of Te Fiti and doomed her island. The movie is incredible because she doesn’t need to find love or do anything but save her island as she will eventually become the chief.

The new wave of Disney movies is doing a great job of making the princesses independent. For so long, we had to see our princesses search for love and try and work through whatever obstacle to get their dream ending. But with Moana and even Frozen, the princesses are out for something more.

For young girls, it is a wonderful thing to see because they can realize that finding love isn’t the only thing in their future. They can save their island or they can finally reconnect with their family in ways they couldn’t before. Basically, girls can do anything they want and more.