50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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The X-Men comics are no strangers to strong female characters, and they are led by none other than Storm. The character who was first brought to life by Halle Berry in the films controls the weather to her advantage, which doesn’t seem that cool when you look at the rest of the X-Men.

But in reality, Storm has maybe one of the cooler powers. She can use lightning to her advantage in battle. If the X-Men are trying to stay hidden in a new location, though, she can use her powers to bring them cloud coverage to make sure no one knows they’re coming.

It is such a ridiculous power, yet one that many think is insignificant — and that’s what makes Storm so amazing. In the X-Men comics, everyone has these amazing fighting abilities, but without Storm, they couldn’t control anything happening around them.

To be honest, I think she is a metaphor for most women. Everything around her seems to fall into chaos, but still, Storm has control of a seemingly impossible situation. And with everything that the X-Men can seemingly give, that is an incredible gift for her to wield for good.

That and she is just pretty awesome because she doesn’t let anyone tell her no.