20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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The Crown (Costume designer: Jane Petrie)

If you can’t get past the show’s current pay inequality scandal, then skip ahead to the next show. We seriously won’t blame you.  Though the show is under some serious scrutiny right now, it would be remiss to leave it off this list.

Queen Elizabeth II is said to be the most photographed woman in history. Whether that’s true or not (because the Kardashians are giving her a run for her money), the Queen just so happened to be born at the right time in history for her life to be well-documented.

This is very lucky for Jane Petrie, the show’s costume designer. She has a vast catalog of images to work with when dressing the character in the show. The first two seasons span the time frame of 1947-1964, a decade and a half of style. Being the Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth has access to the best fashion of the period both at home and when she’s in formal dress.

Watching all of the different looks the characters sport is absolutely mesmerizing. The dainty looks of the late ’40s match perfectly with Elizabeth before she becomes queen, and she keeps that sort of style into the ’50s and beyond. Meanwhile, Princess Margaret slays the ’50s fashion trends from scarves and pencil skirts to a perfect cat eye.