20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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Arrow (Costume designer: Maya Mani)

Obviously not a fashion-centric television show, Arrow is still worthy of being on this list. Costume designer Maya Mani is literally dressing superheroes and villains! How cool is that? The characters in this show are saving the world, fashion is secondary (if that).

This means the costumes tend to lean towards staples such as boots, basic tees, and jeans. Imagine a world where everyone’s super muscular, so tight shirts are the name of the game. For much of the show, our main hero Oliver Queen oscillates between his Arrow costume and outdoor sports gear. That may sound boring, but boy does he look good in his leather get-up.

Is that just because he can save us from a fire, or is he actually a babe?

There’s also a handful of characters who constantly wear suits. Considering that they’re mostly corrupt businessmen, that makes sense. What’s more sexy than a man is a suit? Well, maybe a man in a suit with a moral compass. (Sometimes Oliver even fills all of those requirements, too, especially when he’s doing work as the mayor of Starling City in later seasons.)

The show also has a geekishly outfitted nerd who can break through any computer-like challenge. Though Felicity Smoak doesn’t have quite the same amount of money as her love interest, Oliver, she certainly can go toe-to-toe with him in looks.