20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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The Man in the High Tower (Costume designer: Audrey Fisher)

Taking place in relatively the same time period as The Crown, The Man in the High Tower is unique in that in takes place in an alternate universe. A universe where America lost World War II.  Obviously this greatly affects the plot of the show,  and subtly changes the fashion.

The clothing in this show is in line with the typical outfits worn in the early 1960’s. One of the more interesting nuances to the fashion is that there are no frivolities. The costumes are a minimalist/vintage lover’s dream.  Fashion forwardness does not exist, as nobody has time for it.  Don’t expect a lot from accessories. Sure, there’s a simple gold necklace here, and a hair clip there, but for the most part its bland colors and one toned fabrics.

The show also depicts what Japanese and German fashion would look like if things had gone differently after the Holocaust. Americans tend to wear less fanciful looks whereas Japanese and German characters on the show have high-end outfits. So if you’re looking for that classic ’60s style, you’d be better off with Mad Men than this show.

Instead, come for the unique takes on historical looks along with heart-thumping secret missions.