20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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Splitting Up Together (Costume designer: Danielle Launzel)

Okay, this show hasn’t actually come out yet, but it is highly anticipated, and everyone in the trailer has a really fun, energetic style.

Personally, my interest are in the fact that I love to see Jenna Fischer dress up. Why? Because Jenna Fischer is all of us! We’re not watching some model actress fit into the latest Chanel mini skirt. No, we’re watching a beautifully, common woman rock an outfit that we can all wear. 

Plus in The Office, Pam was known for wearing ill-fitted, outdated clothing that she didn’t even seem to care about. In Splitting Up Together, Jenna’s character Lena has a great sense of style, opting for florals, pinks, and sun dresses. She looks beautiful, upbeat and fresh.

Furthermore, considering most of us have to work for a living, it’s always nice to take fashion cues from a character who also lives a busy life. See, we can be busy and stylish all at the same time! On the other hand there is a scene where Lena has her hair up, glasses on, and laundry in hand but she looks freakin’ adorable. Like library study session cute. Unfortunately, I think this is the scene where her and her husband decided to split up, but that’s besides the point.