20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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Queer Eye (Fashion Expert: Tan France)

The revamped Queer Eye is all anyone can talk about. Have some tissues at hand because each episode will have you in tears. There truly is hope for America, just so long as you switch off the news.

From a strictly fashion standpoint, this show is the bomb. First of all, all five guys are super good-looking, and that has something to do with fashion, right? They all have their own style, and you’ll want to start dressing every man in your life to match. The show also has a clothing expert to help their make-over candidates revamp any outdated closets. 

Tan France has an extensive career in the world of fashion, having worked for Selfridges, Zara and other clothing lines and stores. He also has his own woman’s fashion line called Kingdom & State.  In watching Queer Eye we, the viewers, get to see how Tan puts together outfits. He shares his wisdom about fabrics, fits and colors. Though the Queer Eye guys are exclusively working with men, Tan’s advice seems to ring true regardless of gender. He’s able to take men, who quite frankly don’t seem to have a hope, and transition them through clothing into a well-dressed and charming person.