15 most badass women in video game history

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8. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil series)

Key quote: “It’s dangerous going alone. I’ll come with you.”

Who she is: The Resident Evil series has multiple badass women, but the best is Jill Valentine. She is a Special Operations Agent of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Since the early 1990s, Jill Valentine has risen through the ranks of the US army as a member of Delta Force. She’s later recruited by Albert Wesker to become a part of the Raccoon City Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS). Jill faces and fights hordes of zombies until she gives herself up to protect her partner. She was brainwashed, then experimented on and given superhuman strength and speed, which she uses against her old team. However, she’s later saved from the brainwashing and able to return to normal.

Why she’s on the list: Jill Valentine is an expert in martial arts and all types of guns, and she has an extreme tolerance to pain. She has no problem going up against an opponent who is stronger than she is, especially if it is to protect her friends. She also has a great sense of humor, even in perilous times. She’s one woman you want to fight on your side.