15 most badass women in video game history

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10. Android 18 (Dragon Ball series)

Key quote: “I have to whip you into shape every now and then, honey.”

Who she is: Android 18 actually originally hails from the Dragon Ball Z manga and anime series, but she’s long since crossed over to gaming as well. Originally a human named Lazuli, she and her brother were captured by Dr. Gero, who transformed them into androids. Her personality is best described as intimidating, and she likes to be sarcastic, especially when she is in a battle. Android 18 becomes the wife of Krillin and they have a daughter named Marron. While Android 18 is basically a robot, she has intense protective and nurturing feelings, but only for herself and those she loves.

Why she’s on the list: Android 18 has immense power and excels in every battle she takes on. She has superhuman strength, immense speed, perfect dexterity, can fly, manipulate energy, and has an extensive hand to hand combat knowledge. Since she’s originally a villain, Android 18 loves violence, but eventually becomes bored of it for the most part. Once she is no longer trying to assassinate Goku, Android 18 becomes a Z fighter to help save the planet at all costs. Becoming part of the Z fighters gives her many allies and further increases her power. Android 18 is always ready for a fight — and she’ll most likely win.