Is there a new Scandal episode on ABC tonight, March 22?


Can old friends overcome their differences to protect the republic? Is there a new Scandal episode on tonight, March 22?

Last week’s episode of Scandal had the FBI arresting Charlie for the hijacking of Air Force Two. While fans know that Charlie has a questionable past, this allegation is another genius plot twist in the final season of Scandal. How else would Olivia get back into the good graces of the former OPA team?

Just to recap a little from last week’s episode, while the episodic storyline focused on the #MeToo movement theme, the struggle for the power of the republic ties all the characters together. Of course, it was refreshing to see Olivia Pope back to fighting for good and wearing the white hat. Still, everyone wants is always focused on power.

The plane hijacking was an interesting plot twist to the final season of Scandal. Everyone though that Cyrus was delegated to the puppet head, no power Vice President. Cyrus never wanted to play second fiddle to anyone. He did that job too long with Fitz. But, did anyone really see this particular power play coming?

After Olivia was ousted from the White House, it seemed like everything was on a good path. Sure, Jake has always been a little sketchy. Mellie seemed to be growing into her role as Madame President. Maybe things were just a little too good. Nothing is ever easy in a Shondaland show.

Actually, there aren’t too many episodes left in the final season of Scandal. While the Cyrus power play was a curious twist, is that really the way this series will end? Wouldn’t it be nice if women stayed in power and yielded that power judiciously?

Although there is no new episode for March 22, fans are wondering what will happen in the next episode. Will Quinn and Olivia put away their differences to help Charlie? Could Mellie’s presidency come to an end? Maybe David will become President — that idea isn’t too farfetched.

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Unfortunately, all these speculations will have to wait till next week. There is no new episode of Scandal on March 22. Don’t be too sad. At least it isn’t the final episode of the series.