Ryan Murphy spills details for American Horror Story’s upcoming season


Ryan Murphy opened up about the upcoming eighth season of American Horror Story, and we’re already begging for more.

Earlier this year, Ryan Murphy — creator of American Horror Story, writer extraordinaire, king of shock and spookiness, and curator of some of the best inclusive content on television — confirmed that the anthology series would return for its eighth year. Though he’s been known to leave us in the dark in the wake of a new season, he threw a twist our way this week during an interview with E! News. Murphy spilled on what and who we should expect before season 8’s premiere.

Murphy has confirmed that the new season, which will take place in a world similar to ours but in the (not-too-distant) future, will be led by our scream queen, Sarah Paulson. In addition to our fearful leader, series faves Evan Peters and Kathy Bates are confirmed to return.

Because we still need a little bit of mystery in our lives, Murphy also confirmed that we should be prepared for some “high profile guest star names.” Coming from anyone else, this would be exciting. But this is Ryan Murphy we’re talking about. He’s previously employed Lady Gaga, Billy Eichner, Patti LuPone, and countless other stars. Thus, we should expect to have our minds blown all the way to 2038 with this next season.


We’ve also been given a tease that there will be crossover content in the upcoming series. Murphy went so far as to say (big wink, here) there could be an entire Coven/Murder House crossover season!

“You know everybody involved says they’re really optimistic about it — that they would want to read a script and then everybody wants to bring the band back together,” Murphy told E! News. “So I think it could be great it could sort of be an all-star thing. Dylan [McDermott] said he’d be up for it, Connie [Britton] would be up for it. Angela [Bassett] said she’d be up for it. So we’ll see. I’m optimistic about it.”

Deep breaths, people. Deep breaths.

Yes, the man’s job is to scare us. But he does a great job of sending his fandom into spirals of uncontainable excitement, too. From the tidbits we now know, that’s exactly the state in which we’re likely to remain through the entirety of the futuristic season 8.

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In other words, we’re officially pumped for anything Ryan Murphy is doing, to infinity and beyond.