Women to Admire: Princess Leia


When it comes to women who’ve created an inspiring legacy, Princess Leia is and will always be a Woman to Admire every day here at Culturess.

In 1977, moviegoers watched Darth Vader board a ship and take a woman named Princess Leia as his hostage. To protect the galaxy, she outwitted her pursuers by putting the plans to the Death Star inside a little droid named R2-D2. The first time we heard her speak, it was against her oppressor. She spoke with poise, and immediately became one of the most important people in the Star Wars franchise.

More importantly, she became one of the most important women in cinema.

We’ve discussed in-depth how Leia is one of the most iconic princesses of all time. Without her, the galaxy would’ve fallen. To this day, she provides a source of comfort for those of us who still rebel against anyone who wants to strip away our rights and agency. When it comes to standing up for justice and what we believe in, Leia remains the beacon to which we look.

Because of the ferocity and intellect demonstrated through each Star Wars films, for not budging when the going got tough, Princess Leia transcended the films in which she appeared. She grew beyond the lines of the script and the woman who played her.

In Star Wars, she evolved from an orphan to a princess and then to a general. She understood that her needs came second to the good of the people. Outside of Star Wars, many fans keep her as a princess in our hearts. Though Disney failed to officially recognize her, people to this day want her legacy to live on forever. In a way, her recognition was our recognition, just as Leia’s strength is our strength.

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Fortunately, we will see her one last time in Episode IX. But even if we don’t, Princess Leia has lived in the hearts of her fans for more than 40 years and will be one of our Women to Admire for much longer than that.

Editor’s Note: Every day in March, we here at Culturess will feature a Woman to Admire — both real and fictional — for Women’s History Month. Keep coming back every day to see who’s made it on the list.