Star Trek: Discovery: What we’d like to see from the rest of season 1


Star Trek: Discovery may have come to its fall break but we still have hope for the second half of season 1. So here’s what they can do to fix it.

Star Trek: Discovery has proven itself within the last few episodes, but it still has quite the way to go. Personally, I think it is struggling to find its own footing. In a post-reboot era, Discovery goes back to the Trek of old.

It’s supposed to be a precursor to the original series. So why doesn’t it feel like such? I think they’re too worried about trying to make it stand out and not worried enough about making it feel like a Star Trek show.

I think they can improve on a lot in the coming second half of the season. First, they can actually make it feel like a Trek show. I know that sounds ridiculous but look, there’s a certain feel to all Star Trek shows (and even the new movies) that Discovery just doesn’t have.

Look at Star Trek: Beyond and compare that to Star Trek: Discovery. There is very clearly a difference, and it isn’t just the characters. Trek, even in its more tense moments, has always had an element of fun to it. Discovery sincerely lacks that most of the time.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t lighter moments. There was even an episode this season that really felt like I was watching a Trek show and I loved it. But it instantly turned back into this darker, broody show and I didn’t necessarily love it.

At time, it felt like a chore rather than a delight to watch it and I just want this show to succeed. So maybe the second half of the season can feature a bit more fun. Let these characters laugh. That’s why we watch to watch them.

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