Once Upon a Time season 7: 3 key takeaways from episode 6


Looking back on 3 key takeaways from the Nov. 10 episode of Once Upon a Time, “Wake Up Call.”

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the Nov. 10 episode of Once Upon a Time. I suggest you watch the episode (or read our review!) before reading this.

Another character has woken up from the curse on Once Upon a Time, but it’s not something to celebrate. While setting out to uncover the truth behind the photo of a Regina Mills and a young Henry Mills, Roni’s spell is lifted, only to have her memories returned on purpose. Alas, it turns out Drizella needs Regina’s help in keeping Henry and Jacinda from breaking the curse completely with TLK. I know — it’s getting interesting, isn’t it?

Anyway … bottom line, we’ve summed up the three most important takeaways to keep in mind going forward. Let’s get into them.

The curse is hard to break

Unfortunately, if Regina breaks the curse, “horrible, horrible things will happen to the people she loves,” Lana Parrilla said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Regina needs to figure out a way to break the curse without hurting people in the process. But how? Well, unfortunately, we need to figure out what we’re dealing with first — we don’t even know what Drizella did, and if the curse is really as “hero-proof” as she claims it is. Either way, Regina doesn’t seem to have a choice but to keep Henry and Jacinda away from each other until she can figure out her next move, and that’s going to be difficult, especially as Henry’s mother. But we’re sure she’ll find a way — she is our new Savior, after all. (Yes, I’m calling her that now.) Just keep all that in mind as the season continues to unveil itself before us.

Drizella cast the curse … but Lady Tremaine’s awake, too

If Drizella were the one who cast the curse, then why is Lady Tremaine awake, too? I know I’ve asked this before, but can two curses be placed at the same time? I’m sure it’s possible — Lady Tremaine may have been the original creator of the curse, and Drizella just altered it by adding the failsafe. But it’s probably more likely that Drizella is the sole engineer, and that she probably gave Lady Tremaine power on purpose so that her suffering will have increased once her (Lady Tremaine’s) goals are deemed unachievable.

After all, Drizella did say she wanted her mother’s suffering to be great. My guess is that it’s Drizella’s curse and Drizella’s alone — it’s a more interesting angle for the show to take. We don’t know exactly how she’s getting back at Lady Tremaine yet, but she obviously has a plan in mind, and Lady Tremaine is definitely going to be suffering from the curse.

Does Drizella have other motives?

While it’s unclear if he returns her affections, it’s at least possible that Drizella loves Henry. But why would she do what she did if she truly loved him? It could basically be an “If I can’t have him, no one will” situation. I can’t imagine that she would be happy with the thought that Henry is married to her stepsister and has a daughter with her. As well as that, her character is seemingly mirroring Regina’s beginnings, so something like this wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

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What do you think, Oncers? What’re your thoughts upon watching “Wake Up Call?”