Star Trek: Discovery finally felt like the Star Trek show we needed


The problem with Star Trek: Discovery is that it never felt like part of the canon. This week, they gave us what we’ve wanted from the start.

This week, Star Trek: Discovery took us on a Groundhog Day like adventure that left us feeling like it was finally the show we wanted it to be. No really, finally, after six episodes, Discovery had that Trek feel that it was sincerely lacking.

Granted, it was solely because of Anthony Rapp as Paul. The entire episode was fun and quirky and while the stakes were high, it still had a light to it that you could typically find in old school Star Trek episodes.

Does this mean that the series will continue down this road? I don’t think so. The trailer for next week seems like we’re right back to the Discovery from last week. But it was nice to finally see a show that focused on the crew having fun.

This show tends to get so bogged down in what characters should be like and how they should act that it doesn’t feel like a show where anyone likes each other, which isn’t a great quality for a Trek show to have. The whole point is that the crew is meant to be a family and work together.

Having them all hate each other isn’t great. So this week, watching them work together and figure out how to save the Discovery was amazing because they had fun and they worked towards a common goal that wasn’t about ostracizing one crew member.

And it helped that there was a little love story for Michael Burnham. Overall, the episode was pretty amazing. It was fun, there were great little moments and I hope that it means a turn for the show at large. We want more episodes like this and less episodes where everyone is fighting and upset.

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Because really, this episode finally felt like Star Trek. What’s not to love?