3 reasons you’re probably going to end up paying for Disney’s streaming service

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Still from Thor: Ragnarok official trailer. Image via Marvel/Disney

A Marvel series

And if Star Wars isn’t enough to lure you in, in its other metaphorical hand, Disney has promised a Marvel series is also in development, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s Ben Fritz.

There are a ton of properties that this could cover, but we have a few suggestions. This could be a great way to revive Marvel’s Agent Carter. Or it could be time to give another hero a chance to rule their own series … or it could be a way to give a more recent character more time to shine.

(It’s Valkyrie. We want a Valkyrie series. A movie is not enough, though it would also obviously be welcome. Just more Valkyrie.)

With Marvel, Disney can easily capture another sector of the market. Sure, there’s plenty of overlap between Star Wars and Marvel in terms of fanbase, but there are some who prefer one over the other.

Granted, Fritz’s above-linked tweet does not specify whether or not this series is aimed at adults, but one has to suspect it is — just based on what else he lists, which includes Monsters Inc. and High School Musical as two other properties getting new life for the sake of this service. Assuming Star Wars has the most crossover appeal, Marvel seems like the easy way to get adults to subscribe.