3 reasons you’re probably going to end up paying for Disney’s streaming service

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Star Wars series

We have gone through the Star Wars prequels. We have gone through many animated shows, including our beloved Forces of Destiny short cartoons. Heck, we’ll probably sit through Solo: A Star Wars Story, even though we hate the name. So when Disney dangles a live-action Star Wars series in front of us?

The company probably won’t even have to use the Force to take our wallets from us. We’ll hand them over.

Speaking of funds, Disney will almost certainly throw plenty of money at the series to produce high-quality visuals, lest it risk the ire of its fans. As we mentioned above, ABC Television Studios has presumably learned a thing or two in putting together shows like Daredevil, Luke CageJessica Jones, The Defenders and even Iron Fist in terms of presentation. It’s time to put that knowledge and money to work to expand the world of Star Wars once again.

Additionally, how many TV directors will jump at the chance to work in such a massive, well-known property? This is the opportunity of a lifetime to add to a resume.

We’ll freely admit that we still stand by our list of 25 characters who need a spinoff, by the way. Even if Obi-Wan is technically getting a movie.