25 Star Wars characters who deserve a spinoff

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From Star Wars Rebels 2×19/20 “Twilight of the Apprentice”. Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

With Rogue One kicking off the Star Wars Anthology series this week, here are 25 characters who deserve a share of the spotlight and a spinoff.

The countdown to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has finally made it down to single-digit days. As you may already know, the film will kick off the Star Wars anthology films — that is, movies that don’t fall in line with the main saga of the movies. Should the movie make lots of money (and predictions say that yes, this probably will happen), Disney and Lucasfilm will look to expand beyond just Rogue One and that other pesky anthology movie that we’ll talk about later.

In the interest of bringing back some standouts of the Legends canon and shining a light on some fan favorite characters, we’ve put together this list of 25 characters who deserve a spinoff of their own. Spinoff could easily mean “give them an anthology movie,” but it could just as easily mean “give them a book or two”. Before Disney bought Lucasfilm, the Star Wars universe had a robust and thriving expanded universe. Lucasfilm then shunted most of it into non-canon status with the announcement of The Force Awakens.

However, they’ve also shown a willingness to bring Legends characters back into the fold. That’s why some of them appear on this list. Some characters are already canon.

All of them deserve at least a look-see.