3 reasons you’re probably going to end up paying for Disney’s streaming service

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The cost

Also according to Ben Fritz of the Wall Street Journal, the plan for Disney is to start at a rate “substantially below” Netflix, and yes, Fritz used quotes there, too. Coming not long after the news that Netflix is actually bumping up its prices this year, and with at least another full year between now and the launch of Disney’s competitor in 2019 (and thus more opportunities for price increases), Disney just made it a little more tempting to justify paying for its own library.

Granted, as of this writing, it doesn’t look like there are any hard numbers out there yet as to what you’ll pay. But “substantially below” just keeps coming back to haunt us. It’s the kind of wording that fans can point to when they weigh just how many subscriptions they can afford.

Will it always stay cheaper than Netflix? Almost certainly not. There’s justification for upping prices later — again, we refer you back to Netflix, who’s done it already.

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not you’re going to pay for Disney’s streaming service resides with you. But between those three announcements, the company just made it that much more difficult to resist.

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Will you be buying in, or will you be staying away? And do you think you can stick to that decision in 2019?