Wait, will Netflix still have some of Disney’s movies?


Talk about a plot twist in the ongoing Disney-Netflix saga. All of a sudden, there’s a light of hope for Netflix users.

CBR, picking up on a Reuters report, says that Netflix and Disney might just work something out for two of Disney’s major properties to stay on Netflix rather than migrating to Disney’s new plans for its own subscription service: Lucasfilm and Marvel.

Now, for Disney to even entertain this idea seems like it’s a little weird, right? After all, Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are huge draws at the box office. Our friends over at FanSided even talked about it in the link above.

There are two points, however, that start to clarify what might be going through the heads of Disney’s executives.

First, as CBR mentions, Netflix and Disney have worked together for quite some time through Marvel, with The Defenders series: Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Although Disney could take its superheroes and go home, that probably wouldn’t look great, especially with its network TV offerings moving to the Friday night slot for ABC in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D‘s case or not really appealing to fans in the case of Inhumans, as The Mary Sue discusses. CBR says things are “uncertain” for these series, but Disney talking to Netflix has to count as a positive sign.

Second, this might signal what exactly Disney wants to do with its own subscriptions. If Netflix gets to keep the hits coming with Star Wars and the MCU, that has a specific appeal to adults and somewhat older kids, but it also hits the demographic of grown-ups who don’t have kids but like to indulge their inner child with those kinds of movies. (Not knocking that demographic, because I’m part of it.) And, of course, Disney has the leverage to get Netflix to pay up for those rights.

Meanwhile, Disney gets to dangle a walled garden of kid-friendly movies in front of adults with kids with its own service, and those adults probably also have Netflix subscriptions because they like other shows or movies over there, helping Netflix justify shelling out for the licensing. In other words, Disney could win all around with this deal.

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Now, if Disney would just let you download its movies for Netflix offline-streaming with this new deal, it’d be perfect.