Should you be worried about Agents of SHIELD’s Friday move?


Earlier this week it was announced that Agents of SHIELD will move to Fridays when it returns for season five. We’re here to tell you if it’s a concern.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is getting moved to Fridays when it returns in the fall. That’s usually a death sentence for a show. Like, a big death sentence.

So: Should we be worried about the fate of Agents of SHIELD after season five?

My short answer for you? No, not at all. Or perhaps just a minimal amount.

Look, we already went through this last year when they announced the show would move from its 9pm start time to 10pm. Later means it’s also a death sentence, right? Well, ratings remained consistent, around the same as season three. Nothing super outstanding, but not a huge drop off of viewers.

ABC renewed it for a full 22-episode season. While funding may have been cut, if they didn’t have faith that it could survive, why would they have done 22 episodes? Why not decrease it to more of a Netflix-length show, 13 or 14 episodes? And especially since it won’t come back until Inhumans is done.

Should you be concerned?

If you still feel concerned, take a look at Grimm. NBC’s supernatural crime drama lasted six seasons on Fridays. And when it was renewed for its final season, NBC let it be known that it would be the last season.

With an institution like Agents of SHIELD, so tied to the larger Marvel Universe (whether the movie people like it or not), it feels like they can’t just shove it off to the side without giving us fair warning of its demise.

There’s always a concern when a show gets renewed that the next season will be its last. With how fast this show lost viewers at the start before it founds its voice, that question has always loomed on the horizon.

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So let’s enjoy what we have while we have it. And if that cliffhanger is any giveaway, next season plans on a lot of fun.