We have the 15 best kisses so far in 2017 and they’re steamy!

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Still from Atomic Blonde trailer #2. Image via Universal Pictures (via Universal Pictures official YouTube account)

When it comes to a great kiss, look no further than movies and television! So we’re counting the best kisses of 2017 so far and they’re pretty hot.

Best kisses in entertainment come at quite a price. When it comes to a good kiss in movies and television, we all have our favorites. Whether it be a classic kiss where neither party seems to be enjoying it or a hot rain kiss like The Notebook, each and every one of us has our favorite of all time.

Personally, my favorites include the scene in The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement when Mia and Nicholas kiss before falling in the fountain and the kiss in the rain from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So maybe I have a fetish with kisses and water, who knows.

But this year, we’ve already had some great kisses and it’s only July! So we’re taking a look at the fifteen best kisses of 2017 so far. From Wonder Woman and her steamy kiss with our dear Captain Trevor to a kiss before Aziz Ansari called a girl racist, we’re tackling all our favorites.

And maybe we’ll have a few honorable mentions along the way from last year and on. Because who doesn’t love talking about smooches? They’re the best thing in the world! So buckle in and get ready for this steamy ride!