We have the 15 best kisses so far in 2017 and they’re steamy!

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15. The Mummy (Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella)

Now, most people I know didn’t see The Mummy yet I saw it twice. Why? Well, who knows but I ended up liking it a lot and I normally don’t even like Tom Cruise. But while the couple I wanted to make out didn’t (looking at you, Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson), the kiss between Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise was pretty nice.

For those who haven’t seen The Mummy, and I know that’s a lot of you, let me explain. Basically Nick (Tom Cruise) is a thief who goes and steals things throughout the Middle East. They get into a huge attack and end up finding the tomb of a princess who made a deal with the god of death because her father had a son.

But the princess ends up selecting Nick as her Chosen and they make out in these dream sequences quite a bit. So while there is a 20 year age difference between Boutella and Cruise, it is still a pretty beautiful moment. Maybe that’s because the one kiss features them standing in the desert with Sofia Boutella dressed as an Egyptian princess.

So while the movie itself may have sucked (and we didn’t get that Jake Johnson/Tom Cruise love story we deserved), The Mummy still makes the best kiss list.