Stephen Colbert returns to the Late Show after his trip


Although The Late Show with Stephen Colbert only missed two episodes last week, it was great to have him back to comment on news on Monday night.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s episode last night didn’t shy away from talking about why Stephen Colbert hadn’t taped a full week of episodes last week. In case you hadn’t heard, he actually went to Russia.

Fortunately for us, the trip didn’t last so long that his absence extended into this week. No, Colbert was back (with jokes, naturally) Monday night.

But he also came back to say sorry … to Donald Trump. Well, he tried, at least, but he’s a comedian. Do you really think it turned out the way it sounds?

Judging by the response he got to saying “I’m sorry you’re president,” the audience at least thought of it as a fine apology nevertheless.

Since most of this segment featured Colbert doing his Trump impression by reading some of the most recent tweets, there’s not a ton of citations to look at. In fact, there’s really just one: the Washington Post story about Barack Obama’s knowledge of Russian attempts to influence the election from late last week that inspired the tweets which Colbert then read. With the current focus primarily on the Senate’s health care bill, it’s hard to pay attention to both.

Oh, and Colbert’s team edited Trump to look like Mr. T. Let’s just say it does not look like he’ll be on cereal boxes any time soon.

If you’re looking for the rest of his monologue, The Late Show has put up a two-minute video which has more actual jokes (including an Anne Geddes joke, which is kind of absurd on its face but makes a little more sense when you see it).

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What’ll be the focus tonight? We’ll just have to wait and see.