Seth Meyers gets to roll lots of tape in his latest Closer Look


Late Night with Seth Meyers broke out A Closer Look again, as well as plenty of footage, in an attempt to take a look at the new health care bill.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ran an old episode last night, because Stephen Colbert himself is apparently in Russia, leaving shows like Late Night with Seth Meyers an opening to talk about the Senate’s health care bill.

Seth Meyers did not shy away from it, either, and he had the footage to back up his statements.

Here’s his “A Closer Look”, with a warning that there’s one bleeped out word:

Although this isn’t exactly the Bloomberg News article Meyers seems to be citing, Senator Mike Lee has become one of four Republican senators that are not supporting the bill at this time, despite also supposedly being on the team that wrote it. Meanwhile, Meyers also refers to a Vox article that breaks down the bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, more completely. (The link in the first paragraph takes you to a similar idea from the Washington Post; NPR alternatively breaks it down into a handy chart.)

Something that’s striking is that this isn’t always funny. Sure, Meyers makes his usual comparison jokes, and even breaks out a classic meme when he’s looking back at the work that went into the Affordable Care Act, but there aren’t as many other funny lines as you might expect. (He does mimic then-President Barack Obama’s very famous cadence.) In fact, towards the end, he flat out calls the new Senate bill “breathtakingly cruel,” not mincing words at all there.

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As things continue today and over the weekend, one has to wonder what Meyers has in store for next week Monday. A look at the schedule shows that there isn’t a new episode tonight.

Either way, it looks like the research team might be busy.