Stephen Colbert spoils Fight Club and takes to Twitter


With a guest last night, Stephen Colbert pulled out his phone and sent a Twitter message or two, but before that, he also had to spoil Fight Club.

Once again, Stephen Colbert had to take a moment and show some clips for his opening monologue on Monday night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. At least he only had to show some clips from Sunday’s morning political shows (that is, shows like Meet the Press on NBC, Face the Nation on CBS, and so on and so forth) which probably ended up being a nice break for the team that does such things.

But of course, Colbert showed the funniest bits of said shows, which involved interviews with one of Donald Trump’s private lawyers.

Check out the clip below:

Colbert even made a not-so-heartfelt plea for Sekulow and Chris Wallace of Fox News to “stop fighting,” considering that they’re both “middle-aged white guys with dark hair and glasses” like himself. Alas, the pleading didn’t work, probably because it took place the next day. But it’s the thought that count’s right?

However, Colbert didn’t stop there. Seth Rogen also appeared on the show, ostensibly to talk about Preacher, but talk turned to Twitter.

Check out the clip below, with a warning for some NSFW language on Rogen’s part:

Of course, both men posted screenshots of their direct messages to Donald Trump Jr. on their Twitter accounts. (Also, as an aside, how cute was it for Rogen to explain how DMs work?)

Here’s Rogen’s; as of several hours ago, he’s gotten no response.

That’s like the most casual DM with possible political ramifications ever.

Meanwhile, Colbert hasn’t given an update, but here’s his message:

(James Franco, as of this writing, has not expressed anything on his Twitter account about whether or not he’s offended at possibly being left out.)

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