Stephen Colbert won’t be new tonight but for a really good reason


When it comes to taking on Trump, there’s no better late night host then Stephen Colbert. And now, he’s going straight to Putin himself.

Stephen Colbert won’t have a fresh episode on our television screens tonight because he’s a bit busy. “What could he possibly be doing that would make him too busy to do The Late Show?” you might be asking, well, don’t worry.

It’s worth him not being on tonight.

Colbert, it seems, has taken himself to Russia. And he assuaged the president by telling him not to worry. If the tapes exist and are there, Colbert said he’d bring them back.

And, as the Hollywood Reporter points out, he’s not the first to head to Russia himself.

It seems as if that is the newest trend among our late night talk show hosts. On par with taking on Donald Trump himself, they all seem to be taking trips to Russia to get answers. Or at least that’s what Colbert and John Oliver are doing.

Here’s the thing about this whole trip: Is it just for an elaborate joke or does Stephen have something else up his sleeve? We know that he doesn’t like the president, that much is clear, but is he going to interview the Kremlin?

Does he have some insider scoop that he went to Russia to get? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. But at least we know that Colbert always puts on a good show for us, even if he’s not new tonight because he’s going to Russia for something completely unknown to us.

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is typically new every Monday through Friday. He’s one you don’t want to miss. Everything he puts out against our current president is on point and intelligent. And Colbert is just a fun guy to watch. So tune in and check back on Culturess for more news on Colbert and his Russian escapade.