Fargo season 3 finale “Somebody to Love” live stream: Watch online


Season 3 of Fargo ends tonight with what is sure to be an action-packed finale. Here’s all the information you need on “Somebody to Love”.

With one episode left in the season, things on Fargo look fairly bleak. Thanks to the elaborate scheme concocted by Varga, the Meeker County Police now believe that a serial killer fixated on people with the surname “Stussy” is responsible for Ennis and Ray’s deaths. Only Gloria seems to know (or care) that the theory is absurd; she’s so close to the truth, yet justice still feels far out of reach. And Emmit is back under Varga’s thumb, his effort at redemption gone comically awry.

Still, it was sweet seeing Nikki outmaneuver Varga, with Mr. Wrench as an unexpected ally. We just worry that her triumph will be short-lived; in the Fargo universe, blackmail generally does not go well in the long run.

Check out the official synopsis of the Fargo season 3 finale, titled “Somebody to Love”, via TVGuide:

"Gloria follows the money, Nikki plays a game and Emmit learns a lesson about progress from Varga."

Although the Stussy case has officially been closed, it appears that Gloria will continue pursuing her leads. We expect nothing less from the jaded yet resolute (former) police chief. If this season follows its predecessors, she will succeed in catching the crooks, but it will be bittersweet. But at this point, Gloria deserves even a minor victory.

More interesting than the synopsis is the trailer for “Somebody to Love”. You can watch it below:

Our reaction to that clip progressed thusly: laughter, followed by chills and hyperventilation. So, suffice to say we’re excited.

You can watch the Fargo season 3 finale here:

Date: Wednesday, June 21

Start time: 10 p.m. EST

Episode: “Somebody to Love”

TV Channel: FX

Live Stream:  FX Now | Additional resources

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Keith Gordon directs from a script by showrunner Noah Hawley.