25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Adam Braverman – Parenthood

Sweet, sweet Adam. I just love him so, and it’s mostly because Peter Krause is just the cutest thing to happen to us since we could keep bunnies as pets. He’s the best. As Adam Braverman, he’s oldest of all the siblings, the go-to advice giver, and the ultimate problem solver when things go awry. And things often go awry with these people.

I could spend my entire word allotment talking about his sense of commitment, his attention to his family duties, his steadfastness, but I won’t. Yes, he’s a stand-up guy who would move mountains to do the right thing.

But he’s also hella hot. Don’t let that dad-haircut or the pleated khakis fool you. Underneath those all white sneakers and cell phone clipped to his belt, this dad is one captivating fella. He’s got a sparkle in his eye that will put you on the floor.

Couple all that with his keen sense of romance, and you have a man with which you’ll have to wear oven mitts. Adam knows how to capitalize on a moment, and can turn the drudgery of life into a sweet, loving moment. Give me a man this handsome that can make paying the monthly bills sexy, and I’ll claim him forever.

Even as life’s pressures crank up, and he has to deal with all sorts of heavy stuff, Adam always keeps it sexy. He’s willing to slow dance with you in the living room, hold your hand during your chemo, or make out with you in the mini-van. He’s husband material, for sure.