25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Chris Argent – Teen Wolf

Nobody’s dad looked like Chris Argent when I was in high school. If so, I would have spent a lot more time at my friends’ houses. Of course, nobody’s dad was as young as he was, and we weren’t all really 25 pretending to be 17.

Nonetheless, get a load of this man and his hotness. He’s the total package, and I kind of feel like he might know it a little – which totally makes him even hotter. He’s got the swagger of a man capable of killing werewolves, but the gentle touch of a man who’s seen some stuff. He knows his way around a supernatural dilemma, so if you’re ever being chased by some ancient demons or scary monsters, he’s going to know exactly what to do. You can feel safe with Chris Argent, my friends.

I hate to be gross, but I feel like we really need to talk about this man’s physique. It’s practically perfect in everyway, I bet even Mary Poppins’ temp would rise when he comes out of his shirt. He’s got one of those bodies in which everything is perfectly proportioned, so it looks like someone used a geometry compass to draw him. He has those diagonal lines and he certainly fills out a leather jacket. He’s hot, y’all.

But once you make it up to his face, you are still in for trouble. He’s got icy blue eyes that look like they’re probably keeping a secret that could either make you laugh or cry. You’d be happy either way because at least he’s talking to you.