25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Nathan Scott – One Tree Hill

I am weak in the knees for a hunky athlete who steps up to take care of his family, even when the easy thing would be to leave them to fulfill his own dreams and that’s Nathan Scott. Oh, and he’s got a face that would launch a thousand ships. That doesn’t hurt either.

When One Tree Hill first aired, I’ll admit, I was skeptical of the annoying high schooler. I was initially drawn to his morose, blonde, brother who quoted Thoreau incorrectly and perfected the moody pout. (I’ll admit, I’m drawn to broken things). However, as the show got a little age on it, and Nathan matured into an (almost entirely) different man, I came to appreciate his brand of sexiness.

He was definitely hot in all the obvious ways. I mean, everywhere you touch him would probably be hard as granite. He had a boyish smile and big, strong hands, and he knew his way around a basketball court. He checked off all the boxes.

But he’s also kind of screwed up, in his own way. He’s got major daddy issues, he battled depression, and he was always grappling with not messing his kid up. He’s like the handsome man version of me. Better than anything else, though, was that he always found his way out of the wilderness, usually with the help of his wife and kid. But still, anybody who looks that good, has all that dark and twisty inside them, and can still function day to day is a real keeper.