American Gods episode 7: Watch A Prayer for Mad Sweeney online


Tonight is the second to last American Gods episode of season 1. Find out here how to watch episode 7, A Prayer for Mad Sweeney, live online.

American Gods is back tonight for episode 7. In “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney,” we step away from Wednesday and Shadow’s quest and hit the road with Laura and the leprechaun.

Last week’s episode of American Gods mostly followed our main characters Shadow and Wednesday. They visited Vulcan, an old friend of Wednesday’s, and learned that he’d let the power of firepower go to his head. I guess there’s such a thing as too much sacrifice. Vulcan certainly learned this in the end.

Where are Shadow and Wednesday off to now? It appears we will have to wait until episode 8 to find out, because this week’s show is all about Irish immigrants: a lass named Essie and our pal, Mad Sweeney. Essie brought him to America with her old country beliefs. He didn’t have much choice in the matter. A Prayer for Mad Sweeney is the story of why and how Essie McGowan came to America.

This clip from Starz may give a clue as to how she ended up here:

"Her world branded Essie McGowan a thief, so a thief she became."

Essie’s story is in the book, so it is a familiar one if you read it. But aside from her lifelong devotion to leaving offerings for the wee folk, Essie’s account doesn’t mention Sweeney, specifically. Tonight, we will learn more about him, straight from his own mouth:

I need to know more about this bird thing. Why did they turn him into a bird? I hope we find out.

Need to know where you can catch “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney” online? Here’s how to watch American Gods episode 107 live.

Date: Sunday, June 11

Start time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “Episode 107: A Prayer for Mad Sweeney”
TV Channel: Starz
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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