Marvel is getting its own Funko line of exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con


San Diego Comic-Con will, as we predicted, have some Marvel representation from Funko in the form of a few new Pop! figures.

When Funko led off its San Diego Comic-Con announcements by going for Star Wars, yours truly guessed that either DC or Marvel might also get representation. Now, Funko might still go for the option of having both, but half of that prediction, at least, has come true.

Before you gear up to pick up another version of Wonder Woman, though, you might want to temper your expectations.

Instead, Marvel has the third nod when it comes to SDCC:

Understandably, the figure with perhaps the most mass appeal here is the Tony Stark figure as part of the Spider-Man: Homecoming set. After all, that’s a movie coming out just a couple weeks before SDCC kicks off. Of course, depending on how the movie treats Iron Man, it might be more likely that fans will eschew picking up this representation. (Even though the sunglasses are pretty cute when miniaturized.)

At this time, it’s not known if Tony Stark will be sold anywhere else, but the fact that Funko did respond to a fan on Twitter by tweeting out a GIF of Iron Man seems at least a little positive, right?

But comics fans also have a lot to love here. The Bucky Barnes version of Captain America has his own figure now, with the black accents and all. This isn’t the first Pop! for She-Hulk, however; those looking for the more familiar green iteration in Pop! form don’t have far to look.

Gwenpool, meanwhile, has gotten a total of four separate Pop!s now, including this one. It seems like an excellent complement to the earlier phone version that was released, but either way, she’s ridiculously adorable (even when not in Pop! form). Funko has also thrown in a Rock Candy version.

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Which of these four Pop!s is your favorite?