San Diego Comic-Con will also have Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Pop!s


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World may have come out several years ago already, but Funko has not forgotten about the movie with new San Diego Comic-Con Pop!s.

It seems that so far, our prediction that Funko would release just the already-announced Star Wars Pop! figures in terms of Star Wars exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con is holding true. Just a couple days after that first announcement, Funko has now confirmed a second collection — from a cult favorite, not the behemoth that is Star Wars.

Instead, it’s a set of fresh Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Pop!s.

Check them out below:

At the bottom, we have Roxy Richter, one of Ramona Flowers’ evil exes whom Scott must defeat, next to a Rock Candy version of Ramona herself. Then, there are two more Pop!s up top, both of Scott himself … or at least Nega Scott and Scott, both with their blades. The Funko news blog, linked above, confirms that there are only 2000 Pop!s of normal Scott with the Sword of Destiny.

That seems to suggest that that figure won’t be one of the shared exclusives, or if it is, it’ll sell out quickly. (Ditto with the 3-pack of Dorbz; there will be just 500 sets made.) If you want one, then, you’ll need to act fast, whether you’re at SDCC or keeping an eye on the internet.

This isn’t the first time Funko has made a limited edition Scott Pilgrim Pop!. At New York Comic-Con in 2016, Scott’s Astro Boy outfit got its own Pop!. For those that missed out on it, you’ll have to look out for the Dorbz pack.

But wait — that’s not the only thing that Funko confirmed today:

One more announcement this week? Logic dictates that it’ll be on Friday, giving us a day in between the Star Wars confirmation and this one, and then another day between this one and the next one.

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Of course, Funko could decide to surprise us and drop the announcement tomorrow.