Things from Star Wars: The Last Jedi keep on reaching the Internet early


With a fanbase desperate to learn more about what’s coming in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is it any surprise that more images keep appearing on the Internet?

It’s hard to deny the siren’s song of spoilers, especially for Star Warssomething we’ve noted before. Even the tiniest of hints can send you spiraling off into theories about what’s coming next.

We suppose we should say now that we’re about to discuss potential spoilers for The Last Jedi, courtesy of io9 and ultimately Star Wars News Net.

You know what that means. Below the trailer, it gets real:

SWNN has posted several images purporting to show some of what the First Order will bring to bear against the Resistance in The Last Jedi. Aiding in their plausibility is that they look like modernized forms of things we already know, as SWNN itself notes several times over.

Here’s why that actually matters. The aesthetics of the sequel trilogy, in order to look like a proper sequel, have to look like they followed the aesthetics of the original trilogy in-universe. It’s something simple, but it does help build belief.

That’s particularly important with the First Order, which idolizes the Galactic Empire. We’re not that far away from the Empire being able to strike fear in the hearts of all in the galaxy — so that’s justified on a second or even third level.

To talk about some of the actual images, the most interesting here is probably the AT-M6. (It doesn’t roll off the tongue like AT-AT does.) However, AT-ATs first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, the second movie of a trilogy. It’s unlikely that The Last Jedi will open with the Battle of Hoth 2.0.

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It does indicate that more ground battles are likely to populate this movie as well, though. Hopefully, though, we’ll get at least one big, proper space ships-against-ships battle. Poe Dameron’s such a good pilot. It’d be a shame to not see him in his element.

SWNN calls these “promotional images for yet-to-be-released merchandise for The Last Jedi,” which means we might see them for something like Force Friday.

However, for now, we have to wait, watch, and hope that more information filters through.