5 things we want from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon

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Credit: Nintendo (official image)

A Switch release

need this! How long have the rumors been flying about a release of Pokemon Stars on the Nintendo Switch, and how badly were we disappointed yesterday? A Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch simply makes sense, given the game’s portability, and no, I don’t mean a game like Pokken Tournament. I’m not sure what to think about The Pokemon Company’s plans anymore — it’s completely possible that they’re holding off on the big guns until next year, when they can ease a potential Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon release away from the huge launch year lineup Nintendo has planned. They may also need more time to get the game to look and feel good on the console.

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A Switch version of Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon would be great, but there’s actually a third option. Reps from The Pokemon Company confirmed today that the title would not be coming to the Switch, but it’s possible something else will.

Could Pokemon Stars still exist, and might it be our 2018 Nintendo Switch Pokemon game? Will we finally get to go to Kanto and see what happens after Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon in both regions? The timing is perfect and the setup is there, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company just have to break out the Pokeballs and deliver what their fans so desperately want.