5 things we want from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon

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Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak (Pokemon Sun and Moon official screenshot)


Look out: Spoilers for the end of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on this slide. If you don’t want the game spoiled, hop on over to the next page.

Pokemon Sun and Moon were wonderful games, but with a somewhat anti-climactic ending. Lillie gets in a boat and sails away to Kanto, and even though Hau and Kukui insist that Kanto isn’t too far away, you never get a chance to chase after your friend. This has led to rampant speculation that Kanto would be in the next Alolan Pokemon game, and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon would be a great chance to tell that story.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that seems likely. Even though Pokemon Gold and Silver’s enduring popularity is largely based on the availability of two regions, the Nintendo 3DS is struggling to handle Pokemon in its seventh gen as it is.

Adding even more content to this game isn’t going to help matters, and something about the structure of the trailer gives me the feeling Game Freak wants to keep this one simpler. But I still don’t think we’ve seen the last of Lillie, or Kanto, and that’s because there’s one final desire I have that trumps all the others.